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LEGO Super Mario Series 5 Mystery Character Pack - 71410

LEGO Super Mario Series 5 Mystery Character Pack - 71410

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Product Description: Unleash the excitement of discovery with the "LEGO Super Mario Series 5 Mystery Character Pack." Each sealed mystery bag delivers one of eight possible unique Super Mario characters, complete with an Action Tag for interactive play. Perfect for kids aged 6 and up, these collectible figures bring a touch of surprise and magic to the LEGO Super Mario universe, making them an ideal gift for any occasion.

Key Features:

  • Mystery Character Inside: Each pack randomly includes one out of eight possible characters, enhancing the excitement and thrill of unboxing.
  • Interactive Features: Characters come equipped with Action Tags to interact dynamically with LEGO Mario, Luigi, or Peach figures (sold separately in Starter Course sets).
  • Versatile Play: Characters can serve as standalone collectibles or integrate seamlessly into existing LEGO Super Mario courses, adding fun and interaction.
  • Collectibility: Encourages kids to collect all characters including Nabbit, Purple Toad, Hammer Bro, Waddlewing, Toady, Baby Yoshi, Red Yoshi, and Blue Shy Guy.

Ideal Use:

  • Enhanced Gameplay: To activate interactive features, one of the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course sets is required, making these figures a great addition to further enrich the LEGO Mario experience.
  • Creative Gift: Ideal as a spontaneous treat, reward, or a thoughtful present for birthdays and holidays, appealing to LEGO builders and Mario fans alike.
  • Display or Play: Each figure includes a small build that can act as a display stand or be incorporated into larger LEGO Mario setups for expanded play scenarios.

Additional Information:

  • Age Recommendation: Recommended for children aged 6 and older.
  • Packaging: Comes in a blind bag for a surprise reveal upon opening.
  • Required for Full Interaction: Compatible with LEGO Mario, Luigi, or Peach figures from the Starter Course sets for full interactive play (figures and starter sets sold separately).

Explore the world of LEGO Super Mario with these enchanting Series 5 Mystery Character Packs. Whether adding to a collection, trading with friends, or building new adventures, these figures are sure to delight fans with their unique designs and interactive capabilities.

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