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TurboTwist Stunt Racer: 4WD RC Car with Gesture Control

TurboTwist Stunt Racer: 4WD RC Car with Gesture Control

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Product Description: Unleash the ultimate driving thrill with the TurboTwist Stunt Racer, a dynamic 4WD RC car designed for high-speed adventure and mind-blowing stunts. Equipped with three innovative control options – remote controller, gravity sensor watch, and gesture sensor – this vehicle offers unmatched flexibility in operation, making it an ideal choice for kids seeking excitement and challenge.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Control Modes: Choose between traditional remote control, a gravity sensor watch for motion-based commands, or gesture sensing for intuitive hand movements.
  • Advanced Stunts and Drifts: This RC car can perform all-around drifts, 360° rotations, and can transform its shape for different stunts, ensuring non-stop action and fun.
  • Entertaining Effects: Equipped with vibrant LED lights and captivating music, the TurboTwist Stunt Racer creates a mesmerizing spectacle as it zooms and twists, perfect for day or night play.
  • Durable and Fast: Crafted from a combination of metal and high-quality ABS plastic, this car is built to handle various terrains and deliver speedy performance.
  • Long Battery Life: Just 40 minutes of charging provides up to 30 minutes of continuous play, maximizing fun and minimizing downtime.

Ideal Use:

  • Perfect Gift for Kids: With its cool features and robust performance, this RC stunt car makes a fantastic gift for boys and girls who love fast cars and thrilling maneuvers.
  • Versatile Play: Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments like lawns, gravel, or beaches, offering versatile fun wherever you go.
  • Educational and Fun: Helps develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills, while encouraging spatial awareness and creative play.

Additional Information:

  • Battery: Includes a 3.7V 300mAh lithium battery with a charging voltage of 3.7v.
  • Safety Warning: Keep away from fire and ensure supervision for younger children.

The TurboTwist Stunt Racer is not just a toy; it's an exhilarating experience that brings technology and excitement to your fingertips. Whether racing against friends or performing solo stunts, this RC car promises hours of entertainment and joy for children and RC enthusiasts alike.

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