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Mini Bricks Toys Stitch Diamond Building Block Set 2300+ Pieces

Mini Bricks Toys Stitch Diamond Building Block Set 2300+ Pieces

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Product Overview: Dive into a delightful building adventure with the Stitch Diamond Building Block Set! Perfect for Disney and Lilo & Stitch enthusiasts, this intricate 3D model set contains over 2300 micro-sized building blocks designed to challenge and entertain builders aged 14 and up. Crafted with high-quality, environmentally safe ABS plastic, these mini bricks offer a detailed and vibrant depiction of the beloved character, Stitch, in an engaging nano block format.

Key Features:

  • High Piece Count: Over 2300 mini bricks allow for detailed and immersive construction.
  • Quality Material: Made from durable and safe ABS plastic, ensuring a long-lasting and eco-friendly product.
  • Intricate Design: Designed as a diamond building block set, it presents a unique, pixelated 3D representation of Stitch.
  • Educational Value: Enhances fine motor skills, promotes problem-solving abilities, and stimulates creativity through complex assembly.

Ideal Use:

  • For Disney Fans and Builders: A must-have for fans of Stitch, Disney collectors, and experienced builders looking for a new challenge.
  • Gift Idea: Perfect as a birthday, holiday, or special occasion gift for teens and adults who enjoy detailed model building or Disney-themed collectibles.

Additional Information:

  • Packaging Options: Available in a 'no box' option to reduce shipping costs, ensuring the set is more accessible while still including all necessary building instructions.
  • Age Recommendation: Suitable for ages 14 and up.
  • Certifications: CE certified, meeting European safety standards.
  • Customer Support: Offers wholesale discounts, dropshipping, and replacement parts for missing pieces in subsequent orders.

Order and Shipping FAQs:

  • Estimated Delivery Time: Most orders are delivered on time as estimated by the system; however, occasional delays may occur.
  • Shipping Duration: Typically takes 1-2 days, with a potential extension to 3-5 days if items are out of stock.
  • After-Sales Support: If any pieces are missing during the building process, replacements will be provided in your next order.

Embark on a building journey with the Stitch Diamond Building Block Set and recreate one of Disney’s most endearing characters with precision and flair. Whether as a challenging project or a decorative piece, this set promises both satisfaction and a touch of magic to your collection.

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